2007-2008, Diasec mounted archival pigment print, 28 x 41 cm, 41 x 41 cm (Edition of 5)

By 2007, after seven years of being a fashion and beauty photographer, my vision as a visual artist had become cloudy, dimmed by routine, processes, expectations and even pride. I yearned to see things afresh, rediscover beauty and picture the ordinary extraordinarily once again.

Using a variety of cosmetics and grooming products left over from my shoots, I scrutinized mixtures of solids and liquids up close with a macro lens. The table-top investigations birthed strange but yet familiar vistas, beauty amid chaos. Some filled with a sense of emptiness and desolation. And, others, a sense of wonderment and hope. My eyes twinkle with mirth even now as I reflect upon the journey and the discoveries. I have since regained my sight and that joy remains. I ponder about the notions of creation, beauty and perception. And, I ask what I am to do with what I see, because I know that I will be given more to witness in the seasons to come.