SHOWCASE: Exhibit No. 1

Okay! Here goes! SHOWCASE features my personal work. Perhaps, it will also be used as a platform for the works of other visual artists to be shown one day. Who knows? But for now, it's a space for me to display photographs that I've made strictly for myself.

First up is A for Aviation.

I have come across literature, TV documentaries and been on an aeroplane enough times to have a rough idea of how these things work. Even so, I still marvel at how tons of material can heave itself miles into the air, move at great speed over distance and descend back onto the ground in one piece. This body of work is really about my fascination with air travel. It isn't entirely about airplanes as you will see. I also have pictures of the airspace and aerodromes they use, the activity there and even people associated with the business of flying. I am certain that this collection will grow, so do check back here once in a while for new additions. >>>